Real Estate Social Media Community Manager

What exactly does a real estate social media community manager do?

A community manager helps build, grow and manage your towns community online. is a network of community websites linked to top real estate professionals. Together we engage with customers and fans, and uses social media and live events to help increase brand loyalty. We build town websites (sample and town Facebook page. We invite top local agent to become town partner. The town partner recommends mortgage,title,attorney,insurance,movers and local businesses.

What skills do you need?

As a community manager, you should be passionate about the towns your representing. And constantly engaging with customers and fans means solid communication skills are essential.

The job requires organization and project-management skills. Must be good multi-tasker.  

The national network of local websites for social media digital mayor. Join our team of Community Managers who are running their own local media businesses in the communities where they live.

If you haven't heard about yet, they're a cool up-and-coming network of local websites creating community connections. The company has been featured in The New York Times, NJBIZ, and Amazon bestsellers and is growing fast throughout the country.

As a Community Manager, you will have the opportunity to help businesses in your community grow.If you are outgoing and active in your community, this could be the perfect role for you.
What will I be doing?

The opportunity requires mostly phone and some in-person sales. As a social media representative, each town has local real estate agent who will refer leads to you and you will sell exclusive advertising for our Community marketing system featured in NYTimes.

Who Are Some Successful Community Marketing Managers?

  • PTA/Volunteers
  • Interns
  • Bloggers
  • Stay at Home Parents Returning to the Workforce
  • Teachers/Educators
  • Business Owners
  • Outside Sales Representatives

Strong Training

We provide structured training about our product line and effective sales practices. Our sales leaders have decades of experience coaching and supporting sales representatives of all experience levels.

Work / Life Balance

Work from the comfort of your home.  

Every website is run by a local Community Manager. provides the tools, training, technology, and support. Community Manager runs the show locally, earning income on advertising sales to local business owners and real estate professional partners. This is primarily a marketing & sales position and is a great opportunity for a connected and sales-savvy person.

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